Infrastructure Overview

A highly flexible interchange hub between sea transport / railway / road / shore storage:

Storage and Transhipment from/to (any combination between: railway tanks, vessels, tank-trucks, flexi-tanks, containers, shore-tanks)

delivered by the following infrastructure:

Length: 89.5 m / Depth: 8m

Berth # 25


Operational all year-round (ice-free port) 24/7.


Crude oil can be loaded to vessels with capacity up to 9,000 metric tons (depending on port conditions and vessel design).


All vessels serviced by ‘Lat Shipping’ agency.


Download full berth parameters here (pdf file).

Handling of 42 oil product and 14 chemical product railway wagons



Transhipment platform allows a simultaneous handling of 42 oil product and 14 chemical product railway wagons including handling of flexi-tanks and tank-containers (from railroad carrier platforms);


Privately owned 4 railroad lines with loading/unloading stations and access railroad to public railway system (total length more than 3 km);


Total railway wagon capacity in the terminal territory: 150 railcars;


Dynamic and static railway scales systems are available (accuracy class 0.5 / accuracy certificate).


System of 18 simultaneously connected trucks



Handling of tank-trucks, flexi-tanks, containers;


Loading/unloading system can handle up to 18 simultaneously connected trucks;


Product barrelling is available;


Fully certified truck scale system is operational 24/7.



Total capacity ~ 85,000 m3

Shore tanks


Fully segregated storage by products and clients (no co-mingling).


Shore tank range from 100 m3 to 5,000 m3;


Total capacity ~ 85,000 m3;


Insulated storage tanks available (depending on product type);

Heated storage tanks available (depending on product type);

Shore tanks with mixers (agitators) available (depending on product type);



Product heating system by a pair of 4 MW boilers and steam generators

Product Heating and Transfer System


Cargo handling speeds: up to 300 - 800 m3/per hour (depending on product);


Product heating system through heat exchangers (a pair of 4 MW natural gas boilers);

A back-up fuel oil burner available (for a 4 MW boiler);

1.1 MW and 2 MW steam generation system (with 4 MW thermo-oil boiler);

Product heating system for railcars


Steel, polyethylene, aluminium pipelines;

Pipeline flushing system by:

- compressed air,

- nitrogen (project under development);



Vapour Cooling / Vapour Scrubber with Activated Carbon

Vapour Control / Recovery System



Vapour control/recovery system available (depending on product):


- vapour cooling,

- vapour scrubber (with activated carbon);



Accredited Laboratory



One of the most sophisticated crude oil and products terminal laboratory in Latvia.


Accredited according to LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 testing of petroleum products (LATAK-T-485-01-2013).



For more details please visit Laboratory page.



Infrastructure  Development Projects (Information last updated in December 2018)



Railway expansion project [line #213 & 214 by 171m] - completed in 2019

New shore tank park for Bio products (2+3+5+5 k cbm) – completed in 2018

New shore tanks for base oils (5+5 k cbm) – completed in 2018

New transhipment technology and discharge platform for heavy fuel oil products (project completed in 2017);

Upgrade of vapour control systems (under construction);

Nitrogen system for purging and tank blanketing (completed in 2019);

Perimeter fence and security systems enhancements (completed in 2018);

New (2nd) berth/jetty construction (in progress).




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